Unreal Engine风格化鸟类动画系统Beefy Blackbirds (Niagara Bird System)


The new flocking blueprint systems allowing you to quickly add bird flocks to your level with different behavior and functionality. Flight behavior is determined by the InitialFlightType enum variable. Some examples include:

Perch: Birds fly to nearby Perch actor locations. (Perches are detected by the collision component, so no reference variable needs to be set.)

Free roam: Fish remain idle until approached, and swim only to avoid Players/intruders.

SplinePath: Birds flocking along a path (make sure to set the PathActor reference variable to a nearby Path BP)

FlockingPoint: Birds flocking randomly within a box. (You can set up a BoundaryBox tool BP or use a Flight Path BP.)

Follow Intruder: Fish swim toward the nearest intruder.

The Niagara system has modules for flocking, raytraced collision detection, spline flightpaths, random idling, and more!

Static Mesh Animations: All animations use material WorldPositionOffset, offering lightweight performance and extra control over all animation parameters. Works with any custom mesh that is properly oriented along X+ axis.

*** IMPORTANT: Grass, and water assets sold separately. ***


New Niagara blueprint system with flocking and various flight modes. (CPU System, max # particles ~500)

Perch + Spline Path Blueprint Actors that can be placed in a scene, and referenced by the Particle system.

11 Bird species, 21 color variants; 42 meshes total including separate LOD1. (customize colors and animations; 3 LODs each)

42 Material instances (2 MI for each bird: eg. Blackbird_Actor, Blackbird_Particle)

1 Master bird material with full color, shading, and animation customization - including a lightweight and reusable function library.

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