UE游戏背包库存系统Advanced Jigsaw Inventory System v4.2

UE游戏背包库存系统Advanced Jigsaw Inventory System v4.2 

Inside you will find a fully replicated example, in this example you can setup your loot containers, pickups, weapon attachments and even loot dead players and AI, so if you're looking to get a head start in your next shooter looter game this example is for you and it's easy to manage.

The included example is one of many possibilities, you can setup your own inventory layout and the system will take care of everything including replication, furthermore this system uses one component to manage player inventory, loot containers and even vendors, all of these actors share the same component which makes it easy to communicate between them.

If you prefer to handle everything yourself and not use the available tools you can do it, the inventory UI is composed of 2 widgets, with these 2 widgets you can create any inventory system you want, the JSIContainer will provide you with everything that's happening from a player wanting to move something, an item being clicked etc and you decide what should happen.


You can fully customize your inventory

Rotate items

Split items by holding a key (works on multiple containers)

Resize item dimensions at runtime

You can add default items to the inventory within the editor

You can open any container by double clicking on it, and add/remove whatever you want to it.

You can select what items can and cannot be supported by a certain container.

2 type of containers (Normal inventory and EquipToSlot)

Update any item texture, size in game.

You can handle multiple events for various things such as item over item for attachments or combining items etc

You can make vendors, containers, equippable slots and your main inventory(ies)

Pickup system available, easy to integrate

Rarity system with customizable colors for each container.

Sounds for picking up and dropping items 

Dropping over an item container will attempt to add the item to it, automatically tries to find the best option to add it (rotation, stacking)

Stacking items (works between containers)